12 Italian terms wine lovers should know
12 Italian terms wine lovers need to know

Italian wine can be confusing. But there is joy in learning. Here are 12 terms you should know.  by Erin Italy. Just the name conjures up breathtaking sun-drenched beaches, misted by salt spray from the Mediterranean waves. The rustic elegance of Tuscan farmhouses nestled between rolling, vineyard covered hills and stately Cypress trees. The chic...

easy and delicious marinated olives
Easy and delicious marinated olives

Citrus and herbs are the base for these delicious marinated olives. By Erin A cornerstone of any gathering I host is a bowl of olives. Simple, humble and beloved, these briny, savoury gems quietly prop up the other superstars of cocktail hour. Sure, people flock to the cheeseboard. They scoop up the dips. But, like...

How to Pair Wine and Root Vegetables
How to Pair Wine and Root Vegetables

Autumn is in the air – and on the table. Here are our no stress tips on how to pair wine with root vegetables. by Erin At the best of times, wine and food pairings can stress out most of us. And, when cozy fall rolls around with all its root vegetables in tow, wine...

Bizarre wine terms decoded
Do you know these bizarre wine terms?

Bizarre wine terms decoded. by Erin There’s a reason those of us in the wine industry are often considered pretentious. Well, there’s lots of reasons. But today I’m talking about one case in particular: our bizarre wine language that’s tough to decipher unless you really take serious study. These wine terms are often flung about...

chef michael olson's pork schnitzel
Chef Michael Olson’s Pork Schnitzel

Chef Michael Olson returned to our IGTV last week to show us his classic German pork schnitzel recipe. Our final episode of the Wines of Germany Summer Series was dedicated to easy and delicious German wine and food pairings. You can watch it here. Along with sipping premium, cellar worthy German wines, Michael showed us...

Niagara wine country open for business
Niagara is ready for your business

Niagara Wine Country is open for business – and maybe better than ever – in this new normal by Erin I made my first trip to Niagara this past week. I haven’t been back since early 2020, and I didn’t realize how much I absolutely missed Wine Country. Only an hour and change (when the...

pizza and wine
Great Wines for Pizza Night

Pairing wine with pizza doesn’t have to be hard.  by Erin I’ve ordered pizza twice in the last week. Once when I got home from the cottage – fridge empty, a mountain of unpacking and laundry to do, and zero energy to hit the grocery store. The next time, I was having a swell time...

essential wines for your home bar
These are the Essential Wines Every Home Bar Should Have

Wondering where to start? These are the essential wines you need to build your bar. by Erin The other day a friend invited me over to see her new home. In the midst of unpacking, Covid, and dealing with dawdling trades people, she had nothing to offer. Literally zero. She does, however, have a few...

Perfect cottage cocktails for all-day drinking

From breakfast to after-dinner drinks these are the cocktails that will keep you going all day. By Erin Wanna know what I love the most about summer – besides everything? Cottage getaways. They are totally my jam. I have friends who report not enjoying the cottage, but I’ve long thought there’s something wrong with them....

Wine pairings for plant based food
Best Wine Pairings for Plant Based Food

Vegans and veggie lovers rejoice! Wine pairings for plant-based meals are a snap. By Erin Spoiler alert: vegetable focused dishes are just as easy to pair with wine as meat-laden ones. If you’ve ever taken our Food + Wine workshop, you know that one of the cardinal rules to pairing food – any food –...

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