Pro tips for stress free entertaining
Wine Pros’ Best Tips for Stress Free Entertaining

We asked some of Toronto’s most loved wine and hospitality pros for their tips on stress-free entertaining. They did not disappoint.

How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

The sommelier answers to your Top 10 Questions on How to Drink Wine Like a Pro by Erin February 18th is Drink Wine Day. Clearly this is a message we highly support. Not that we necessarily need a specific day to drink wine, but heck, if there was ever a day to do it, this...

your 2021 horoscope
Your 2021 Horoscope

Will 2021 be better than 2020? If the stars show any indication: Yes. Our favourite Magic Woman Kait Fowlie is back with a sneak peak with your 2021 horoscope. by Kait Fowlie According to the cosmos, there are definitely reasons to be optimistic about 2021. While things won’t be ‘going back to normal’ the minute...

Holiday party hosting tips
Our Holiday Round Up

After 10 years of planning parties, we’ve learned a thing or two. And here’s our best holiday party hosting tips. by Erin Over the last decade we’ve written dozens of blogs on entertaining for the holidays. These articles are filled with the timeless tips we rely on to pull off a party with poise and...

How to create a company worthy cheeseboard
How to Create a Company-Worthy Cheeseboard for the Holidays

Creating a holiday cheeseboard worthy of company doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow our simple tips to make your board shine this season. by Erin A cheeseboard is your easy street to elegant entertaining this holiday season. What could be simpler then buying all your cheeses and assembling an hour or two your company arrives?...

how to make ginger beer
How to make homemade ginger beer

Move over, bread baking. Homemade ginger beer is the DIYers new sourdough. by Heidi & Erin Whether you’re in the market for a DIY cold remedy, or simply craving a tasty science project, homemade ginger beer is as fascinating as it is delicious. Eight months into Covid and the activities are starting to run a...

pumpkin lasagna
Easy and impressive pumpkin lasagna

Wondering what to do with your left over pumpkin puree? This impressive, company-worthy pumpkin lasagna is as easy as it is delicious.  by Erin Even though I’m rating this recipe “intermediate” for chef skills, that’s only because there’s a few parts that may require some balance if making this all at once. But, if you...

Oleo-saccharum feature
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Sweet, spicy, and warming, this homemade pumpkin spice syrup is perfect for fall cocktails (and everything else, too!) by Erin Fall is here, Halloween is upon us, and the pumpkin parade is going strong at TWS HQ! In the attitude of, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” I spent the last few weeks tinkering...

best wines for your zodiac
The Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

The best wine pairings for your zodiac sign is written in the stars. by Kait Fowlie Wine recommendations by The Wine Sisters It’s said that the veil is thin on Halloween night making it an ideal eve to find your perfect spirit.  Tap into your intuition to select a wine that’s different from your usual...

classic steak tartare
Classic Steak Tartare

Here’s how to make classic steak tartare at home and make it taste just as fabulous as any French bistro.  by Erin One of my favourite dishes in the world is steak tartare. Almost anytime I go out to eat, if it’s on the menu, I order it. For a while, I was thinking about...

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