Pro tips for stress free entertaining
Wine Pros’ Best Tips for Stress Free Entertaining

We asked some of Toronto’s most loved wine and hospitality pros for their tips on stress-free entertaining. They did not disappoint.

pumpkin lasagna
Easy and impressive pumpkin lasagna

Wondering what to do with your left over pumpkin puree? This impressive, company-worthy pumpkin lasagna is as easy as it is delicious.  by Erin Even though I’m rating this recipe “intermediate” for chef skills, that’s only because there’s a few parts that may require some balance if making this all at once. But, if you...

pumpkin bechamel sauce on pasta
Creamy Pumpkin Bechamel Sauce

This flexible creamy pumpkin bechamel sauce gives an autumn flare to pasta, risotto – and even roast chicken.  by Erin Don’t let the word “bechamel” scare you. This rich sauce is actually dead easy to make, as long as you know how to stir. Adding pumpkin and fall seasonings just up the ante. Of course,...

easy and delicious marinated olives
Easy and delicious marinated olives

Citrus and herbs are the base for these delicious marinated olives. By Erin A cornerstone of any gathering I host is a bowl of olives. Simple, humble and beloved, these briny, savoury gems quietly prop up the other superstars of cocktail hour. Sure, people flock to the cheeseboard. They scoop up the dips. But, like...

6 Thanksgiving Wine Strategies

Eat. Drink. Repeat. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, one of our favourite holidays of the year. To make sure we enjoy every last gravy-soaked drop of it, we adhere to a few wine strategies to keep us stress-free, awake and having fun until the last pumpkin pie crumb is gone. Get Focused When people come over to...

7 tips for hosting a great dinner party
7 Tips for Hosting a Great Dinner Party

by Erin So, you’re determined to host a great dinner party. There’s only one problem: you have no idea what you’re doing. Don’t worry: follow these easy tips for stress free entertaining and we’ll have you working a dinner party like your name’s Julia Child. Invite Only Get your invitations out at least one month in...

How to Set an Inviting Fall Table

Gather Round: the Season of Eating is Here In our homes, table setting is a top priority. As much as we love whiling away a weekend afternoon cooking up delights for family and friends, what’s the point if the meal isn’t framed against a gorgeously inviting background? For cozy autumn dinner parties, we welcome guests with...

holiday entertaining essentials
Our Holiday Entertaining Essentials

The holidays are busy enough without adding extra on your to-do list. Here are the essential items to always have on hand for stress free entertaining.  by Erin A friend of mine once told me he could do anything as long as he had an egg and an onion. And that got me to thinking,...

Our Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Great Party
Our Top 10 Rules to Throwing a Great Party

Great parties don’t just happen. Here are our Top 10 Rules for throwing a truly memorable one.  by Erin It’s the most festive time of year and many of us mark it with, well, festivities. After years of working in the hospitality trade and throwing parties for others, as well as fêting our own events...