Bizarre wine terms decoded
Do you know these bizarre wine terms?

Bizarre wine terms decoded. by Erin There’s a reason those of us in the wine industry are often considered pretentious. Well, there’s lots of reasons. But today I’m talking about one case in particular: our bizarre wine language that’s tough to decipher unless you really take serious study. These wine terms are often flung about...

how to host a dinner party
Great Canadian Wines for Canada Day

Our sommeliers went coast-to-coast for their Canadian wine faves this holiday. by Erin Canada is a big place. And its wine offering is nearly as big. With 280 wineries in BC, more than 160 in Ontario, and a small, but mighty, 20 or so wineries in Nova Scotia. Inevitably every year for Canada Day we...

how, when and why to decant wine
When, Why and How to Decant Wine

It may look intimidating, but here’s all you need to know about when, why and how to decant wine.  by Erin When I was starting out as a somm, my first job was at a private club in Toronto. There, I inherited a cellar full of aging Spanish, Italian, and French wines, among other bottles....