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Chef Michael Olson
Chef Michael Olson’s BBQ Spice Rub

The Niagara Chef popped by our Instagram Live to show us a secret ingredient spice run to punch up the flavour of your BBQ! By Erin Did you see Chef Michael Olson’s grilling demo on The Wine Sisters’ Instagram earlier this week? The author of the cookbook, Living High Off the Hog: Over 100 Recipes...

Best Wines for BBQ

It’s technically still spring, but the May long weekend is really the unofficial start to summer. City dwellers are scurrying up the 400 like rats from a sinking ship, headed to cottage country to launch boats, put in docks and dust off winter-sleepy cabins for summer time fun in the sun. Can you tell we’re pumped?...

6 Eggs-cellent Wines for Easter

When we pair wines for holiday dinners, occasions where our meals typically look more like a marathon than a sprint, starting in the late afternoon with nibblies as guests gather and running into the into the night with a multi-course dinner, we generally don’t get overly fussed about the perfect pairing. In fact, we’re pretty...

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