how to start a wine cellar

Tips to store wine collection for the long term.
How to Store Your Wine Properly

Four simple tips to store your wine collection for the long term. by Erin So you’ve been given a couple of great bottles of wine and you’re thinking you’d like to age them for a while. Now what? How to go about storing wine for the long term is one of the most commonly asked...

Wednesday Wine 101

Q. “How do I cellar or store wine for the long term?” A. We get this question all the time: people love the idea of starting a wine collection, and socking away bottles to gain both character – and if they’re lucky, money. We did discuss this a short time ago, and you can read...

Four Simple Tips to Building a Better Wine Cellar

We just finished another cellar management project, and it’s a job well done if we do say so ourselves. It took is a little over 40 hours, but we organized, inventoried and catalogued 600-bottles of wine in an impressive collection that contained cases of Super Tuscans, Lafites, and Barolos from the outstanding 1961 vintage. But...