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The 7-Day Plan That Will Keep You Sane When Hosting Christmas Dinner

Don’t freak out, but Christmas is next week. If you’re hosting the Big Dinner, there’s a good chance you’re sweating right now, but we have a plan that may keep you from totally losing it. There’s a common term in cooking called ‘mis en place,’ which translated from French means ‘everything in its place.’ As...

12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Healthy Raw Applesauce & Macaroons

We’ve already reached Day 8 of our 12 Days of Christmas Recipes, bringing you fantastically easy Chef’s recipes, that are so elegant and delicious people will think you’ve been slaving away for days! We’ve featured decadent desserts, simple twists on traditional mains, and crowd pleasing hors d’oeuvres, but we have not yet featured is a...

Our Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Great Party
Our Top 10 Rules to Throwing a Great Party

Great parties don’t just happen. Here are our Top 10 Rules for throwing a truly memorable one.  by Erin It’s the most festive time of year and many of us mark it with, well, festivities. After years of working in the hospitality trade and throwing parties for others, as well as fêting our own events...