best wines for your zodiac
The Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

The best wine pairings for your zodiac sign is written in the stars. by Kait Fowlie Wine recommendations by The Wine Sisters It’s said that the veil is thin on Halloween night making it an ideal eve to find your perfect spirit.  Tap into your intuition to select a wine that’s different from your usual...

The Hunt for Red October

With All Hallow’s Eve upon us, we’re feeling a bit festive. And for us, festivities come with a big glass of wine – ahem – make that several big glasses of wine  It may be tempting to reach for one of the novelty Halloween wines lining the shelves right now; but let’s face it: while...

Wine for the Weekend

Apothic Dark, California 2013 $15.95 LCBO 392654 Earlier this week, a dark and curious package arrived on the doorstep – a black box containing all the Halloween fun you can swing a black cat at. A brooding bottle of red wine, crimson candle, dark chocolate and a mysterious masquerade mask all wrapped up in a haunting...