8 Classic Ways to Order a Martini

These martini definitions will have you ordering your drink like a boss. by Erin The best part about classic cocktails coming back with a vengeance, is that, well, we’re all back to drinking quality, sophisticated and delicious drinks like adults. The worst part? There’s a certain intimidation factor because that swanky Humphrey Bogart/James Bond/Ernest Hemingway...

Thirsty Thursday: Aperol Spritz

Our cocktail this week is the Aperol Spritz. Remerging in popularity, it artfully blends sweet and bitter, and is perfect for these hot, humid, sticky, sweaty days … that we were supposed to be enjoying in August. These stunning photos and easy-as-pie recipe comes from Prairie Rose, the mastermind mixologist behind the fabulous blog, Bit...

Thirsty Thursday: Hennessy Cocktails

We’ve started a new thing here on our blog. While we are firmly now, and will remain, The Wine Sisters, we’ve also been known to indulge in a cocktail or two (or five). In fact, you’ll often see Erin’s cocktail musings over on theloop.ca as the resident wine and drinks writer. So, we think it’s...

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