pizza and wine
Great Wines for Pizza Night

Pairing wine with pizza doesn’t have to be hard.  by Erin I’ve ordered pizza twice in the last week. Once when I got home from the cottage – fridge empty, a mountain of unpacking and laundry to do, and zero energy to hit the grocery store. The next time, I was having a swell time...

essential wines for your home bar
These are the Essential Wines Every Home Bar Should Have

Wondering where to start? These are the essential wines you need to build your bar. by Erin The other day a friend invited me over to see her new home. In the midst of unpacking, Covid, and dealing with dawdling trades people, she had nothing to offer. Literally zero. She does, however, have a few...

Perfect cottage cocktails for all-day drinking

From breakfast to after-dinner drinks these are the cocktails that will keep you going all day. By Erin Wanna know what I love the most about summer – besides everything? Cottage getaways. They are totally my jam. I have friends who report not enjoying the cottage, but I’ve long thought there’s something wrong with them....

Wine pairings for plant based food
Best Wine Pairings for Plant Based Food

Vegans and veggie lovers rejoice! Wine pairings for plant-based meals are a snap. By Erin Spoiler alert: vegetable focused dishes are just as easy to pair with wine as meat-laden ones. If you’ve ever taken our Food + Wine workshop, you know that one of the cardinal rules to pairing food – any food –...

Tips to store wine collection for the long term.
How to Store Your Wine Properly

Four simple tips to store your wine collection for the long term. by Erin So you’ve been given a couple of great bottles of wine and you’re thinking you’d like to age them for a while. Now what? How to go about storing wine for the long term is one of the most commonly asked...

how to host a dinner party
Great Canadian Wines for Canada Day

Our sommeliers went coast-to-coast for their Canadian wine faves this holiday. by Erin Canada is a big place. And its wine offering is nearly as big. With 280 wineries in BC, more than 160 in Ontario, and a small, but mighty, 20 or so wineries in Nova Scotia. Inevitably every year for Canada Day we...

wine shops
How to Save Money on Wine

Use these five simple and smart sommelier tips to save money at the wine store. By Erin Here’s the good news: people are drinking a heckuva lotta wine right now. Here’s the bad news: people are drinking a heckuva lotta bad wine right now. Reports from around the world show Covid-cocktail hour is still going...

Appleton Daiquiri
Classic Cocktails for Summer Sipping

Brown spirits lighten up with the Daiquiri and Old Fashioned classic cocktails – perfect sipping for beating the summer heat by Erin Who says dark spirits are winter specialities only? If you have been following along for a while, you know what a fan I am of a Cognac-based French 75, and of course, I’m...

Chef Michael Olson
Chef Michael Olson’s BBQ Spice Rub

The Niagara Chef popped by our Instagram Live to show us a secret ingredient spice run to punch up the flavour of your BBQ! By Erin Did you see Chef Michael Olson’s grilling demo on The Wine Sisters’ Instagram earlier this week? The author of the cookbook, Living High Off the Hog: Over 100 Recipes...

fried pickles with ranch sauce
Fried pickles with homemade Ranch sauce

Easy and indulgent, fried pickles with ranch sauce will forever change the way you snack.  By Erin Earlier this week I posted a picture on The Wine Sisters’ Instagram showing how I made fried pickles. Y’all. Lost. Your. Minds. Recipe requests with drooly-face emojis filled my inbox. So, I thought it would be easiest (as...

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