wine shops
How to Save Money on Wine

Use these five simple and smart sommelier tips to save money at the wine store. By Erin Here’s the good news: people are drinking a heckuva lotta wine right now. Here’s the bad news: people are drinking a heckuva lotta bad wine right now. Reports from around the world show Covid-cocktail hour is still going...

Appleton Daiquiri
Classic Cocktails for Summer Sipping

Brown spirits lighten up with the Daiquiri and Old Fashioned classic cocktails – perfect sipping for beating the summer heat by Erin Who says dark spirits are winter specialities only? If you have been following along for a while, you know what a fan I am of a Cognac-based French 75, and of course, I’m...

Chef Michael Olson
Chef Michael Olson’s BBQ Spice Rub

The Niagara Chef popped by our Instagram Live to show us a secret ingredient spice run to punch up the flavour of your BBQ! By Erin Did you see Chef Michael Olson’s grilling demo on The Wine Sisters’ Instagram earlier this week? The author of the cookbook, Living High Off the Hog: Over 100 Recipes...

fried pickles with ranch sauce
Fried pickles with homemade Ranch sauce

Easy and indulgent, fried pickles with ranch sauce will forever change the way you snack.  By Erin Earlier this week I posted a picture on The Wine Sisters’ Instagram showing how I made fried pickles. Y’all. Lost. Your. Minds. Recipe requests with drooly-face emojis filled my inbox. So, I thought it would be easiest (as...

The 4 ways to make rosé
The 4 Ways to Make Rosé

Not all rosés are created equally. Here’s the 4 ways to make them. By Erin Rosé season is here! But, if you’re anything like us, it’s never left. Yep, pink wines are definitely having a very big moment that’s been going on for the last few years. I’m not sure who is on the rosé...

5 wines to try to get out of your wine rut
5 under the radar wines to break out of your wine rut

Give your Cabernet a break and shake things up with one of these under the radar wines By Erin We’re now in Week Six of the Covid quarantine. And judging by your Instagrams, I’d wager most of you are also on Wine Case Six. Props to you for doing your part to keep your favourite...

how, when and why to decant wine
When, Why and How to Decant Wine

It may look intimidating, but here’s all you need to know about when, why and how to decant wine.  by Erin When I was starting out as a somm, my first job was at a private club in Toronto. There, I inherited a cellar full of aging Spanish, Italian, and French wines, among other bottles....

Oleo-saccharum feature
How Oleo-Saccharum Will Change Your Cocktails

Save those citrus peels! by Erin As much as I am a lover of wine, I’m also a huge fan of cocktail hour. There is something so civilized about pausing the day to have a little refresher by way of a strong and delicious bevy. Long-time followers will know I’m also a fan of simple...

wine for easter dinner
Wine pairings for all your classic Easter dishes

From lamb to ham, brunch to dinner, these wine pairings are classic matches for all your Easter dishes.   by Erin This week on Wednesday’s virtual wine tasting on our Instagram, the topic is classic wine pairings for your Easter dishes. Fair enough, this holiday is a bit different than past years – the Covid-19 lockdown...

icewine and blue cheese
How to Pair Wine and Junk Food

These four simple guidelines on how to pair wine and junk food are guaranteed to elevate your snack game. By Erin We don’t like to admit it, but we all do it. Get home from a long day, microwave a bag of popcorn, open a bottle of Cab and zone out on the couch until...

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