The Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

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best wines for your zodiac

The best wine pairings for your zodiac sign is written in the stars.

by Kait Fowlie
Wine recommendations by The Wine Sisters

It’s said that the veil is thin on Halloween night making it an ideal eve to find your perfect spirit. 

Tap into your intuition to select a wine that’s different from your usual suspect – you already know what you love, but why not try a wine based on your sun sign on this most mystical of evenings? Treat yourself and your crew to a wine suggestion set forth by the stars. 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the headstrong trailblazer, who paves the way for any and all new adventures. With a love for being first and thriving on newness, this sign is a sucker for all things on-trend. For your ram friend, spring for whatever looks fresh on the new arrivals shelf with an eye-catching label. 

TWS recommends

Bottega Gold Prosecco, Veneto, Italy $28. This dazzling bottle always turns heads, making this wine a best bet for this zodiac sign. The glittering gold bottle sparkles away the darkness, making a compelling companion for trail-blazing adventurers.


Ruled by Venus, the planet ruling beauty and pleasure, Taurus is the most sensual of the signs. This is the first earth sign of the zodiac, which is here to discover the magic of the five senses. Taurus has discerning taste – it knows what it likes and will stick with it, like, forever. Impress a Taurus with a wine that’s as rich and satisfying as their ideal meal. 

TWS recommends

Terredora Riserva Campori Taurasi, Campania, Italy $77. Indulgent Taurus will be hard pressed to ignore a wine named after itself. Made from the inky Aglianico grape, with earthy, berry, floral notes, this is a particularly pampering option sure to impress judicious Taurus.


This sign gets a rap for being ‘two faced’ (it’s the sign of the twins after all) but actually, this gift of Gemini is that it’s always able to see the many sides of an argument. We could really use a little more of that energy in 2020, non? Versatile Gemini is endlessly curious and open-minded, and has a stellar sense of humour. The best wine for the zodiac sign Gemini is a fresh, lively wine that offers a burst of flavour in every sip. 

TWS recommends

Pradurent Dolcetto d’Alba Superiore, Piedmont, Italy $30. Literally translated to “little sweet one,” this grape likely acquired the name thanks to its easy-to-grow nature, or the hilly vineyards of northern Italy. But it’s not a sweet wine, in fact in can be pleasingly bitter, therefore making the name a bit tongue in cheek. And any Gemini lover knows, when Gemini is good, they are very good, but when they are bad, they are naughty.


Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, and the most intuitive, sensitive of the signs. It has a tough shell, but inside, it’s a softie. Cancer loves love. This sign rules the family / chosen family, and adores all things that represent the feeling of home – good, nourishing food, soothing sounds and scents, and familiar faces. Bring a Cancer out of his or her shell with a tasty wine that will warm their soul on a cold night. 

TWS recommends

Marques de Riscal Riserva Rioja, Spain $28. Just like Cancer this is the iron fist kin a velvet glove. Full bodied but supple, flavours of spice mix with sweet fruit for a compelling, complex character. Just like Cancer.


Leo is ruled by the sun, and represents the energy of creativity, performance, and open-heartedness. Leos love a crowd, especially when they’re the centre of attention. Like a bonfire, Leo adores having people gathered around it – the Lion is truly the life of the party. Fuel a Leo’s fire with a zesty crowd-pleaser that demands attention as boldly as they do. 

TWS recommends:

Stratus Rosé Magnum, VQA Niagara Lakeshore$65. Nothing says “let’s party” like double-sized bottle of premium pink wine. Bring this stately bottle to gathering, Leo, and watch the revellers flock to your side.


No spill goes uncleaned for long when Virgo is at the table. This sign appreciates order, cleanliness and simplicity and will go to great lengths to be of service to others. Represented by the maiden, Virgo strives to constantly separate the wheat from chaff, and create a world that is as pure as mother nature intended it to be. A fresh, fruity, organic wine would please a Virgo’s discerning palette. 

TWS recommends

Redstone Riesling, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $23. This hits all the right Virgo notes: bright, crisp, flavourful and reflective of the terroir. Riesling has a specific and enticing precision no true Virgo could resist.


Libra is the socialite of the zodiac, also the mediator, whose mission is to cultivate balance and fairness. At a party, you can find Libra mixing and mingling with expert ease and grace, smoothing over awkward silences, and making sure the playlist doesn’t veer into disruptive territory. Keep Libra happy with an upbeat wine that’s as effervescent (but well-balanced) as they are. 

TWS recommends

13th Street Cuvée Rosé Brut, VQA Niagara Peninsula $30. Rich and full flavoured with lovely energy, this is nearly equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


The most focused and intense of the signs, Scorpio lives to feel deeply. For Scorpio, emotions provide fuel to take meaningful action, like creating powerful bonds with others. Scorpio has little patience for small talk, this sign wants to get right to the heart of the matter. Only quality for the scorpion – that goes for wine, and everything else. Get a Scorpio a rich, complex wine of pedigree and stature.

TWS recommends

Famille Perrin “Les Sinnards” Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhône, France, $40. If the famous family name doesn’t impress Scorpio, the equally famous wine making region will.


Sagittarius rules adventure and higher learning, and so it lives by the mantra ‘go big or go home.’ This sign loves to laugh, dream big about where to travel next, and share its philosophies with others. Treat a Sagittarius to a worldly wine that’ll offer them a taste of a new culture. 

TWS recommends

Karamolegos “TerraNera” Assyrtico, Santorini, Greece $27. Sagittarius is the centaur of Greek mythology. With a penchant for travel and culture, there’s no better place than Greece, where Sag can sit on the banks of Santorini debating passionately over plates of calamari and this crisp white wine.


The CEO of the zodiac, Capricorn is the most ambitious and goal-oriented of the signs. This is the mountain-goat – there’s no mountain too high to climb, if the goal is worth it. Help a Capricorn unwind and relax from a day of crushing their to-do list with a wine that’s classic, confident and a major splurge. 

TWS recommends

L’Aventure Optimus, Paso Robles, California $90. If Caps are looking for classic and splurge worthy, California is the place to be. This indulgent red is the stuff of Bay Street expense accounts with nearly is nearly equal parts Syrah and Cab Sauv, with a 10% splash of Petit Verdot.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation. This sign is fascinated by all things tech and science, and will always advocate for making progress in our society, especially as it relates to social justice. Offer an Aquarius something on the cutting edge of viticulture, ideally from a socially conscious brand. 

TWS recommends

Flat Rock Cellars “Good Karma” Chardonnay, VQA Niagara Peninsula $17. With a portion of proceeds going to Feed Ontario to help fight food insecurity, this is a no brainer for socialist Aquarius. Bonus points that the winery is environmentally sustainable.


The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is an old soul, represented by the ocean. Pisces is expansive, deep, a little not-of-this-earth. The sign of the fish can get lost in their feelings, but this is what also makes them such talented artists, healers, and passionate romantics. For Pisces, a wine from some faraway shore fits the bill. 

TWS recommends

Villa Maria Clifford Bay Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand $25. The fish can happily swim in the wine soaked shores of Clifford Bay, lapping up the premium, cool climate wines of pioneering winemakers.


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