Why You Need a Signature Cocktail

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The other day Erin hosted her annual tree trimming party. Oh, what’s that? You want to see the finished product? Well, okay

chrismtas tree 2015

Because we listen to our own advice, she always has a theme to keep the party on point. Last year, the theme of the late afternoon soirée was “Aprés Ski” – cheese fondue and indoor s’mores helped to make up the menu, and her signature cocktail was a Buttered Bourbon Apple Cider. This year, Erin opted for “Classic Christmas Cocktail Party” complete with pigs in a blanket and tiki-inspired pot stickers for hors d’oeuvres. She was thinking about a Kir Royal as a welcome cocktail, then in a moment of utter insanity, she decided against a signature cocktail at all.

We hear you – what was she thinking?! Erin’s still not sure herself, but the first words out of guests’ mouths walking in the door, was, “Where’s the signature cocktail?” Wah-wa-wa.

Ultimately, Erin didn’t think anyone would notice or even want a welcome cocktail. But she was wrong. So wrong. Don’t make the same foolish mistake.

Why You Need A Signature Cocktail at Your Party

photo: Mylene Pionilla-Rose
photo: Mylene Pionilla-Rose

1. It sets the tone

Once again, it all circles back to theme. Greeting guests with the signature cocktail gives them a subtle cue as to the vibe of the party – formal, casual, beach themed, classic – the drink you serve sets the mood of the party.

2. It Feels festive

Whether it’s Christmas, Canada Day or your basic Friday night, the signature drink immediately takes your gathering up a notch. It says “this is a special occasion,” one that you’ve put thought and into making a tad more important than every other day.

3. It’s an ice breaker

You probably don’t need a conversation starter for your nearest and dearest, but what if those BFF’s are bringing a new date – or you’re blending groups who may not be that familiar with each other? Sharing a laugh over the punch bowl is as good a reason as any to get the gang mixing and mingling.

4. It becomes tradition

Just like Erin found out, when you serve a signature cocktail, it puts a little pizazz in your party which gives friends and family something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be the same cocktail every time – in fact we would advise against it as seasons, occasions and celebrations change and your drink should reflect that – but the simple fact that guests know they’re going to get a little something special becomes a fun ritual.

5. It Solidifies Your Party Host Status

So this one might be a tad self-serving, but it’s true. When you put a little extra effort into throwing a bash – which includes thinking of, creating and serving a signature cocktail – it shows you are serious about hosting a party. And there’s nothing wrong with wowing guests so they always look forward to coming over, and as a reward you get to enjoy the hard-earned reputation of being a Host With the Most.

What’s you signature cocktail?

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