Our Top 10 Tips for Fabulously Flawless Fêtes

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We’ve spent years planning parties of all sizes. In that time we’ve picked up a few hints for staying the belle of the ball long after the clock strikes midnight.

1. White, Bright and Not a Stain in Sight

To stay flawlessly fresh, stick to white and sparkling wines for at least the first half of the night.
It only takes one glass of red for our teeth to turn a curious shade of greyish-purple, which is not the look we’re going for trying to convince a certain someone to meet us under the mistletoe.

2. Hold the Stem, Not the Bowl

We all know holding a wine glass by the bowl will warm your vino, reducing the attractive aromas and taste, but there’s a style reason for holding your glass by the stem, as well.
Gripping your goblet all evening will transfer the oils from your hands to the glass, leaving it with a smudgy, grey film that after a few glasses looks pretty gross.

3. Go Naked

Well, just your lips. It’s not that kind of party. For the same reasons as #2, when you wear lipstick, gloss or even chapstick, the rim of your glass gets coated, leaving a circle of colourful lip prints. Even more attractive, little bits of food particles are more likely to get caught and stick in the makeup residue. Sexy.

4. This is a Party, Not a Bar

To keep our soirees as stress free as possible, we limit our bar selections to one or two white and red wines, a feature cocktail and maybe a lighter and darker beer. Guests will likely be able to find something they can enjoy in that mix – even if it’s not their favourite brand.

5. Chill Out

Always. And it’s not just your whites and bubblies that need some ice time – most reds benefit from a cool down as well. In general, here’s a decent guide:
White wines: 10 degrees C (20 minutes in an ice bath)
Red Wines: 16 degrees C (10 minutes in an ice bath)
Sparkling: 8 degrees C ( 20 minutes in an ice bath)

6. Start the Party on Acid

We’re big fans of high-acid whites like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or sparkling wine to welcome guests and lead through the hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. Not only does this work well for Tip #1, but high acid wines get you mouth watering and work well with a lot of foods from rich cheeses and sauces to light seafoods and vegetables.

7. The Perfect Pair for Holiday Fare

With the buffet of options served during the holidays, you will make yourself crazy looking for one perfect pairing. Instead, offer a selection of reds and whites with brighter acid and lower tannin like Pinot Noir, Riesling, Zinfandel or bubbly.

8. Play with Numbers

We estimate guests will have two drinks in the first hour and one every hour after that. So for a 5 hour party, estimate 6 drinks per person (for all those who aren’t driving, of course).

9. Play With Numbers Part 2

The number of drink you will get from a bottle:
6 glasses of sparkling
4 glasses of wine
24 one-ounce shots of liquor from a bottle of spirits

10. Relax!

No one likes a harried host so plan to be set up and ready at least 30 minutes before guests arrive. In the wise words of Elizabeth Taylor, “Put on some lipstick, pour yourself a cocktail and pull yourself together.”

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