6 Diets and the Wines to Go With Them

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No name wine bottlesHey, we hear you.

You indulged a bit too much over the holidays and now you’re hitting the New Year’s resolution wagon pretty hard. We’re not going to stop you, but we are going to make it so much better with these excellent wines paired for any kind of diet your doing right now.


The diet that has our inner Caveman roaring and animals everywhere cowering. A reigning popular diet for the last few years, Paleo encourages a lot of veggies, fruit and a whole lotta meat. A hunk of beef calls for a big red wine to wash it down, as the proteins in the meat bind with the tannins in the wine making for a fabulous gastronomic pairing.

Try: Trius Red, VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario 2012 $22.95


Mediterranean Diet

This heart healthy way of eating is still popular with nutritionists as it promotes good fats, nuts, whole grains, fish and limited red meat. To compliment your European seafood dinner, pair a crisp, refreshing white to bring out the best in both food and wine.

Try: Pieropan Soave Classico, Veneto, Italy 2013 $19.95



Once left on the lonely fringe, vegans are now mainstream, especially with trendy restaurants gaining hype, and PETA’s always talked about yearly “Most Sexy Vegan” list. Devoid of anything that once had a heartbeat, vegans focus on veggies, of course, but also get their protein from sources like quinoa and legumes. To complement the earthy, hearty taste of the vegan protein, reach for a wine with similar flavours like a robust, but savoury Chianti.

Try: Frescobaldi “Nippozano” Chianti Ruffina Riserva, Tuscany, Italy 2010 $21.95


There must be something to this diet that mimics the menu of the people on Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, who’s long life span of more than 100 years is attributed to their diet of vegetables, beans and soy. Tofu, a neutral tasting protein, is best to pair with wine based on its sauce and cooking method, but in general terms, Japanese cuisine can be a nice match for minerally Sancerre, a Sauvignon Blanc coming out of the Loire.

Try: Pascal Jolivet Sancerre, Loire, France, 2013 $29.95



How is this even a diet? The word itself means to eat anything, but health warriors are putting their trust and calories in the Patron Saint of Sensible Eating, Michael Pollan. The famous author and healthy eating advocate says you can eat whatever you want – but strive for fresh, local and homemade over packaged. Since anything is on the table here, go for a flexible wine for food pairing like Riesling, which can work with just about any dish.

Try: Brickyard Riesling, VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario 2013 $13.95



A lot of us are worried about the chemicals that could be lurking on our foods, so we’re turning to organics to keep us healthy and safe. If you’re sticking to an organic diet, follow through with your wines, which are more widely available than every before.

Try: Cono Sur Organic Chardonnay, Chile 2013 $12.95

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