Wednesday Wine 101

Posted by: samy November 5, 2014 No Comments


Is it OK to bring my own wine to a dinner party?


Yes, if you want to look like a jerk. 

Chances are the host has put some time and consideration into the evening, and likely even thought long and hard about good wine pairings for the dinner being served. For you to waltz in with your own provisions will only make you look like a snob and not do anything to impress your dining companions. 

Now, if you’re amongst very close friends and family, it may be appropriate to ask ahead of time of you can help with the wine selection. And if the answer is no, deal with it.

Finally, it’s common practice to bring a bottle as a hostess gift; you could always roll the dice and tell your host to feel free to open it right away if they so choose, but again, be prepared for it to stay closed in favour if whatever’s being poured. 

Pull on your big girl panties and enjoy a glass. It’s a party. 

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