Why can’t you just drink what you want, when you want and how you want?

Posted by: samy November 8, 2010 No Comments

I think by now it’s pretty clear I love wine. And I think you should too. But what’s concerning me is all the rules people have come to associate with wine — and the ensuing panic that comes from doing the “wrong” thing.

Earlier today I was reading a news article about rinsing your wine glass with the vino so to “season” the glass. The idea behind the practice is to remove any smells the glass may have taken on from being stored in a cupboard or the aroma therapy dish detergent used when it was last washed. While it may be a good idea if your glass has left over aromas, it’s certainly not an absolute. If you feel silly doing it, or you don’t think you have to, then don’t. Who’s it going to hurt?

I have a friend — we’ll call him Eugene — who’s obsessed with having all the right stuff and observing the correct etiquette for just about everything: from his car to his ski hobby to his wine collection, he has all the “right” gadgets, and follows the “proper” way of doing things. He has a decanter and a silver wine filter and several different styles of glassware. He has a few different wine openers, and a decent sized library of wine reference books. He has a modest collection of some pretty good bottles. But he has become so concerned with impressing everyone around him with his style and knowledge on all things plonk — I think he’s forgotten — or maybe never known — what attracted to him wine in the first place.

Earlier I wrote about wine and food pairing. It’s a personal obsession of mine, I’m always on the look out for a perfect pairing. It’s also conveniently part of what I get paid to do. But really, if you love it, drink it. With whatever you want. While I think most sommeliers would agree a bold shiraz and delicate fish are probably not the best pairings in the world, who cares? The point is you like it, and you’re likely not hosting a bunch of wine geeks for dinner, and if you are, tell them to relax, it’s a free dinner.

A little while ago, I received a short, matter-of-fact text from a friend of mine. “Call me.” it read without any other explanation or reference. Panicked and fearing the worst, I stopped everything I was doing and called immediately. “Oh, hi,” she said breezily. “I’m at the liquor store and can’t remember the name of that red we had the other night.” After giving her proper what-for and then spending the next 12 minutes coaching her up and down the aisles of her local LCBO, I now respond in a less timely manner when I get those urgent orders to call.

Wine is fun. And believe it or not, it’s easy to enjoy. So throw caution to the wind and buy what looks interesting, eat it with your signature secret recipe, and enjoy. But if you have any questions you can always drop us a line at drinkwithus@thewinesisters.com — we’ll absolutely answer — just maybe not in an immediate blind panic.

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